Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you plan to sell your business someday or not, there are many benefits to building a valuable business that can survive without you. By working with us businesses are better positioned to scale, generate better cash flows, and are more enjoyable to manage.

Perhaps the best benefit of all is that we help you get back the one element most entrepreneurs are lacking – time.

You will spend less time in your business and more on your business, and will ultimately have a more valuable business.

The actions taken and changes made drive up the value of your business and make it more attractive to a third-party buyer. However, there many business owners continue to enjoy the benefits of such changes without selling. The characteristic of a valuable company is one that runs without you, which means if you can create a business that’s built to sell, whilst also having the option to hold on to it without the stress of running it day-to-day.

We’ll also discuss how to value a business and what levers you have available to impact that value.

NOTE: As a Value Growth Advisor and Value Builder Coach, we implement both components into our program.

An advisor generally gives answers to specific questions. This can be great to push through short challenges or to find answers to common questions.

A coach will work with you to determine the best answers for your exact situation. The coach will educate then work with you to collaborate on finding solutions that fit your needs.

Coaching tends to provide better long-term results because the coach and owner work together – enhancing the owner’s abilities while implementing custom solutions for the business. But there are times when giving advice based on 20+ years of experience can be very useful! That’s what we integrate both coaching and advisement into our solutions.

We work with a range of companies with turnover from £1m to in excess of £20m.  We find that companies with turnover of less than £1m do not gain the significant benefits that larger companies do.  However if you are below £1m and are experiencing significant growth then please contact us as you may be suitable.

We work with companies in all industries and have experience of many different sectors.  We find that our programmes work with all industries.  It is the mindset that is important.

We often find that our experience of other industries can provide insights into other industries that have not bene thought of.

We expect our clients to be experts in their industry and have good operational teams.

The best starting point is to take the Value Builder Questionnaire.

We will assess your report and discuss with you the best way to engage with us, assuming you meet our criteria.

If you approach the programmes with an open mind and willingness to listen and take action, we are confident that we can improve the value of your company.

This will depend on the programme that you sign up for.  As a minimum we expect at least two hours a month working on specific exercises and assignments and then the monthly meetings.  The time content varies, but is explained in Work With Us.

The intention is that by making the changes required to you and your business, you will be working less in your business and more on your business, becoming more strategic rather than operational.  This allows you to build value in your business.

In the new world that we live in, we structure all assignments to be done remotely by Zoom.

Yes. The methodology is statistically proven to help you increase the value of your business and the valuation is based on algorithms and specific industry valuation metrics

We have a range of programmes that are suitable for most companies. 

However if you do not find what you are looking for, please contact us and tell us what you are looking for.

The starting point is usually the completion of the Value Builder Questionnaire and an initial discussion.  We want to work with people who will follow the programme, take action and deliver results.

All information is kept confidential and you will have your own area on the portal.

Yes, we are so confident that we guarantee results based on each individual package.  In general, we guarantee that your business valuation will be enhanced by at least 10 times the cost of your annual investment with Excolo33.  This is quantified by taking the Value Builder Score at the start and thereafter every 12 months, based on at least the initial level of profitability.

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