Craig Alexander Rattray and Jeff Borschowa are Certified Value Builders™ and work with business owners on a one-to-one basis or through his MasterMind groups.

The goal in working with business owners is to enhance the value of the business at the same time as giving you more freedom.  It also prepares businesses for ultimate exit and primes them in effective ways that are appealing to acquirers and/or potential investors.

Whether or not you are considering selling, this work is guaranteed to improve you and your business and allow you the flexibility of choice to continue growing your company in a more effective and controlled way or to push on with exit plans knowing that many things that acquirers look for are in place.

It allows company owners to consider their business from an understanding of what drives value and what is important to a buyer.  Many business owners have never considered this.

This not only drives up value, but allows for shorter transition periods and avoids lengthy handovers.

SuccessWe have a step-by-step process designed to remove you from the business as much as you want, drive up value and give you control of your time and future. We can help you understand the most appropriate changes to focus on and implement the strategies that improve company value.  This is appropriate whether you are thinking of exit or not.

The standard one-to-one annual package is a series of 12 modules (one a month) and focuses on the 8 key drivers of growth and value, through a series of well-defined and coordinated modules.  Please see our packages for other options of how to engage and work with us, and how we guarantee results.

We only work with the 3% who have written goals and the commitment to follow through on these goals that we will work with you to develop.  Our promise is to provide great advice, a structured programme and to keep you accountable. 

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